Social media has taken over the world by prioritizing a way to communicate instantly with people no matter the location. This has completely changed the way businesses communicate with other people and has a massive impact on people’s everyday lives. Because of this, creating and maintaining a strong social media presence is mandatory for all companies. A good social media campaign can not only increase the sales on a product, it can also have a tremendous impact on the popularity and success of a company. This brings up new questions about whether to create social media positions and hire a social media strategist.

What does a social media strategist do and what is useful about hiring one?

A social media strategist is responsible for creating and implementing a social media strategy to increase awareness about a company’s products and its brand image. A social media strategy includes designing a plan to release content on platforms like YouTube and Twitter that is directed towards a company’s target audience and demographics. After releasing this content, social media strategists will then look at the analytics of posts to see the results.  A good social media strategist will also be able to handle a public relations crisis. A good example of a company crisis are the Colin Kaepernick ads by Nike that use the phrase “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything.”

Nike stock originally dropped 3% and many negative articles and actions were taken against Nike. There were people cutting the Nike logo out of clothes, the ad set off a social media firestorm and many long-term customers boycotted the brand. However, Nike did not apologize and instead stayed on course with its social media and ad campaign. It ended up raising its sales by 31% and its stocks closed at an all-time high. This shows that a social media strategist can create a good social media campaign that will boost a company’s profit exponentially.

A few closing points are that if a company feels like the field of social media is a foreign subject and the concept of increasing brand awareness seems scary and new, then a social media strategist can help ease that stress and bring clarity. Another one is that when hiring a social media strategist, companies consider that person’s writing background to see if they specialize in journalism or public relations to determine what kind of strategy they will plan.

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