Two weeks ago, I had the wonderful opportunity of traveling to the islands of Hawaii, courtesy of Bluescape, to learn about the workplace of the future and other technological innovations. While traveling, I did not bring our Panasonic Gh5, our DSLR camera we normally use for creating video content, and I was not able to bring our wonderful Digital Marketing Supervisor, Joey, along with us. That means, I needed to find a Smartphone setup for shooting alone.

Rather than creating less than professional selfie video or shooting solely in the one spot where my phone would stay upright, I decided to bring along two extremely useful accessories to help create video content by myself. For those of you who are creating, or are considering creating video content, these two tools will help take your videos from a clear iPhone selfie, to one that looks like it was created professionally.

Fotopro 12″ Flexible Tripod

This flexible tripod is both sturdy, and versatile. I was able to attach this to branches, balconies, rocks, and even bushes! The 360º Swivel Head allows for extra flexibility when pointing the camera or smartphone with the included smartphone mount.

Shure MV88 iOS Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone

Although the iPhone comes with its own microphone for video recording, truly professional video quality comes from great audio quality. I picked this microphone for its small size, directional capabilities, and iPhone compatibility with the built-in lightning adapter. Two iOS apps allow for tons of customization options as well, one for recording with just audio, and the other for recording with video and audio.

While in Hawaii, background noise was prominent being right next to the ocean and the blowing of the trees nearby. Plus, being by myself, I wasn’t able to monitor the audio performance with a headset, as we do with all of our normal videos. So, this microphone allowed me to get the job done by blocking out background noise and only picking up the audio I intended.

What tools do you use for lean video production and social media content creation? Leave a comment down below or message us today because I’m interested to hear what kinds of tools you use!
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