Bluescape is a secure, collaborative workspace that unifies your content and conversations in a shared, persistent, virtual space that can be accessed from any device or location.

Here are 10 ways that you can use Bluescape to help unify your workplace.

  1. Bluescape can function as a whiteboard or a blackboard, including different colored pens, pen thickness, and erasers.
  2. It can also be used to store and organize content such as images, text, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, video, live documents from Google, Office, and Adobe.
  3. Within Bluescape you can create different canvases that host all of your content. These canvases can be sorted and organized by color which makes it simple when trying to access one canvas out of the thousands that you can create.
  4. Built in collaboration tools allow you to easily launch a video or audio conference call right from the Bluescape workspace.
  5. You can share your screen to the board with the click of one button. In the case of group projects or collaboration meetings multiple people can share their screen at once. You then have the ability to capture screenshots of the screens and store them in your workspace.
  6. Any content that you have in your Bluescape workspace can be interacted with such as adding annotations, comments and feedback that can be reviewed in Adobe Creative Cloud.
  7. Web browsing is one feature than can be extremely beneficial no matter what the project. One example is if you’re working on designing a new web layout, you can easily have your draft laid out in a canvas, pull the web browser up right next to it, look at the preview in the browser, and then make the necessary changes to your draft by dragging and dropping the content to form a new layout.
  8. Bluescape gives you the ability to download the original content file directly from the workspace; however, if you’re looking to share your workspace without giving people the opportunity to download your files, you can publish the workspace which creates an option that is only able to be viewed.
  9. Giving a presentation with Bluescape is simple. All you have to do is select the files you with to present, swipe either left or right to navigate through your content and then swipe down to exit back to your workspace.
  10. Global interaction is a huge benefit. You can invite, follow, message, and collaborate with other users in real time all while using the same technology.

Bluescape has A TON of features. The best way to learn more about how Bluescape can benefit your workplace is to connect with the Workplace Digital team today!


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