There are many career choices that include a sitting desk job, looking at a computer screen and answering the telephone on a daily basis. But sitting is not the most beneficial for the human body. Those who constantly sit have a higher chance of contracting diabetes and heart disease, as well as weight gain and obesity. But there is another option than sitting all day to complete daily office tasks.

Sit to Stand Desks (or height adjustable work surfaces) are becoming more and more popular, as they allow office workers to stand and stretch sore limbs instead of staying in a hunched up position for eight hours a day. For those that aren’t aware, sit to stand desks are simply desks that allows for work to be completed while the user is standing. The desks are even being made to be height-adjustable, so they can be lowered and heightened for anyone that uses them. They are easy to use and while standing to work may not be the most appealing, it’s healthier in the long run to stand.

For those that are trying to lose weight, sitting can be the worst choice to make. Weight gain is caused when more calories are consumed than what the body is burning. Although the body burns calories no matter the action the body is taking, standing burns more calories than sitting.

Exercise is the most beneficial when trying to lose weight, but even just standing allows the body to burn more calories than sitting. Also, after eating, such as lunch or a snack, standing helps digestion of food better than being in a sitting position. Because of this, blood sugar levels aren’t quite as high for those that choose to stand after a meal. Standing allows the metabolism in the body to work harder, burning the food that was just eaten and using it for energy that the body needs to work properly.

Sedentary actions have been linked to an increased risk of depression and anxiety. When exercising, endorphins are released into the brain, but what people don’t realize is standing has the same effect. Using sit to stand desks is better on mental health as it allows the brain to release the necessary chemicals to remain in good mental health.

Standing has been known to reduce neck and back pain, which many people suffer from. Sitting hunched over in a chair only increases neck and back pain. Laying flat on one’s back can reduce the pain that is felt in the neck and back, but just standing straight can be helpful, too. Standing keeps the back straight and with height-adjustable desks, there should be no craning of the neck to look at a computer screen while working.

Everyone likes to sit and relax with their feet propped up after a long day of work, but when the work consists of sitting, that’s the last thing that should be done. Limiting the amount of time that one sits can make improvements both physically and mentally on the human body. Sit to stand desks have quite a few benefits to the human body, which is why it’s become so popular in not just professional office settings, but personal office settings as well.

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  • Avatar Tracy Wysor says:

    Grateful regards for sharing this informative manual on the benefits of standing-desk. As we all know sitting is harmful to us and everyone must start using the standing desk. So learning from this blog is if you start using a standing desk while working then there are various health benefits.

  • Avatar Bree Ward says:

    I like how you highlighted the benefits of a sit-to-stand desk. As you’ve said, they are becoming popular because they are adjustable and can allow the workers to stand and stretch. My boss is asking me to find office filing cabinets to use in our office, I think I will suggest the idea of getting this sit-to-stand desk. He might probably like it. It will be beneficial for all of us in the office if we do have one.

  • Avatar profurniture says:

    Great article! The standing desk is really good for health. Sitting for long periods burn very little calories while standing desk helps in digestion of food better than being in a sitting position and reduce neck and back pain.

  • Avatar A. Raza says:

    Nice post Sammantha! Sit-to-Stand desks are on Rise these days and YES, Health is the main reason for the transformation. Many companies are offering different types of manual & electric standing desks for workplace. Not only this, walking desks are also emerging but not everyone can go for it.

    Also apart from Health benefits, the work productivity has been improved for many people.

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