Responsive websites are the lifeblood of the new wave of the tech industry. At the end of every year, holiday shopping can cause an immense amount of stress on consumers. As a result, responsive websites are more common because of the consumers’ ease of navigation. People shop online at all times of day and on all types of devices during the holiday season. Phones, tablets, and now even on their TVs, people go online to make shopping easier. Therefore, if the company you’re choosing to spend your money with doesn’t have a responsive website, the likelihood to become repeat customers lowers considerably.

Black Friday

Take, for example, shopping for the best Black Friday sales. A company will send out an email on what is on sale. If you can’t easily navigate or load the email then it’s more than likely ending up in the trash. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the official kick-off to the holiday shopping season where companies big or small will be fighting for every consumer dollar. Those with the websites or e-flyers with the most user ease are the most likely to attract customers.

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Holiday Shopping

Responsive websites are the newest tool in the “We Want It Now” society. People are busier than ever and are unable to browse physical locations, choosing to browse eCommerce websites before purchasing gifts.

The companies with the most holiday sales are more likely to have the most responsive websites over those that lack ease of response. However, a responsive website isn’t just for the big companies. Tech savvy companies need to hire a person that is capable of updating and formatting for website to respond to multiple forms of mobile viewership.

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