Communication in the workplace is a topic that many take for granted. It doesn’t always rank high on the important topics when there are so many other pressing matters to attend to. But without good workplace communication, a company can’t do its best work. Communication between employees and the company as a whole can make or break a business. Communication lines should always be open, whether it is between an intern and their advisor or a manager and a CEO of a company.

Written vs. Verbal Communication

Communication comes in two main forms: written and verbal. Written communication can be a letter, an email, a text, or even a simple sticky note on the office water jug to remind a coworker that something needs to be done. The only downside to written communication, particularly in emails and text messages, comes from the wrong message.

Reminding someone to do something but wanting them to do it a certain way can cause a misunderstanding, which can cause bigger issues with the company if not straightened out right away. Open communication allows the receiver of the message to respond to the sender in a way both parties can understand. So don’t be afraid to ask questions if the message isn’t clear enough.

Verbal communication is just as simple and can be done face-to-face or on the telephone. A more fun and interactive method is using apps like Facetime and Skype when physically being face to face just isn’t an option. Verbal communication tends to be more effective in the messages that are sent and received simply because actions can be noted and the response is right away. It’s also easier to ask questions and verify the information when physically speaking with someone. It keeps the misunderstandings to a minimum.

Open workplace communication helps the company thrive as a whole. When people understand what they are doing and why they are doing it, it gives them a reason to focus on the task at hand. Especially in an office setting, good communication helps get the job done in a timely manner. Clearly defining the message that needs to be relayed will prevent a misunderstanding for those on the receiving end of the message.

Team Building Skills

Good workplace communication also strengthens team building skills. In order to work together, a group must have excellent communication skills in order to succeed. A lot of people aren’t huge fans of group work simply because of the possibility of getting stuck with someone who does not communicate well. While it’s not possible to keep from getting a member from communicating well, it proves to everyone involved that communication is important to succeed in finishing whatever task may be at hand. Some jobs may require an individual to work independently, but even those individuals have to report back to the boss.

Open workplace communication gives everyone a voice. Whether it be in an email or a conference meeting, messages need to be relayed to keep all business within a company running smoothly. Allowing all employees to take part in the conversation allows everyone to have a say and creates the possibility for more creative ideas and pitches, which promotes growth for both the individual and the company.

Communication is a necessity for a business to thrive and individuals to grow, no matter the work setting people may find themselves in. Effective communication promotes success and better prevents errors an failures.

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