With 2019 in its infancy, here is a list of the biggest digital marketing opportunities and tech trends to see in the upcoming year.

Artificial Intelligence

The number one takeaway from this article, if nothing else, is artificial intelligence. It is taking the digital marketing world by storm! Personalization, chatbots, and programmatic advertising are just a couple of examples of artificial intelligence. While there were some negative headlines back in 2018, consumers are warming up to A.I. systems thanks to their ease and convenience.

Digital Marketing Opportunities Tech Trends Blog Post

Video Marketing

Video marketing is becoming more and more prevalent. Here are some stats on why video needs serious consideration:

• 45% of people watch an hour or more of video per day
• In 2016, 72% of businesses who use video have seen improved conversion rates
• More video has been uploaded in the last 30 days than the major US television networks have done in the last 30 years
• In 2017, 50% of 18-34-year olds stopped what they are doing to watch a newly uploaded video from their favorite Youtuber
• In 2016, 52% of consumers said after watching product videos they feel more confident in their online purchases
• 90% of consumers say that video helps them in their decision making

Influencer Marketing

This is the Holy Grail of word-of-mouth marketing. Instead of hoping that a business will take off in the grapevine by directly marketing to a large group of people, businesses can pay an influencer to get the word out. Businesses turn to influencers to promote their products instead of celebrities because consumers value authenticity. Influencers are viewed to be more authentic than celebrities. It is important to note that micro-influencers (influencers with less than 10,000 followers) tend to make more of an impact because typically their followers genuinely care about what the influencer has to say.

Social Messaging Apps

Social messaging apps again demonstrate how artificial intelligence is sneaking into the marketing world; the numbers are why it has its own section. Each month, 2 billion messages are exchanged between customers and businesses on Facebook Messenger. Over 5 billion users utilize the top five messaging apps: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Instagram, and Twitter. For consumers, social messaging apps serve as an immediate and personal way of communication.

Digital Marketing Opportunities Tech Trends Blog Post

Visual Search

Instead of doing a typed search, images can now be uploaded to conduct a search. With the help of artificial intelligence, visual search recognizes the context and content of an uploaded image and delivers results related to these factors. Pinterest has recognized the power of visual search and now has over 600 million visual searches each month. However, the technology is still limited and in need of improvement.

Voice Search & Smart Speakers

Digital Marketing Opportunities Tech Trends Blog Post

Voice search and smart speakers are going to change SEO. Typed searches are typically short, usually a couple words long, and place an emphasis on keywords. When conducting a voice search or speaking to a smart speaker, most people are asking a question. SEO now must be “phrase friendly” in order to meet search requirements. Also, it is important to note that only a couple of results are given with voice searches. Marketers need to be aware of this to make sure they are at the top of the search list.

Social Media Stories

Because they only exist for 24 hours, a fear of missing out is generated. This is perfect for businesses wanting to test the waters for a new product or wanting to share time-sensitive information. Stories allow customers to engage with the businesses, another important value for consumers. Plus, social media stories are placed first on a viewer’s newsfeed! This is better than what is to be expected from a regular post which can be displayed at any time but is not conducive to time-sensitive information.

Marketing today is about engaging with the customer and providing an experience that is authentic and personal. All of the technologies mentioned above are great ways to reach out and engage with customers.

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