When it comes to getting your business noticed, you need to at least consider pulling out all the stops. While you may not be able to implement some of the zanier ideas, it is good to think them over before dismissing them. Advertising and marketing need to catch people’s attention. Sometimes it is those zany ideas that get the most attention. Here are a few unconventional ideas that may be exactly what you need to bring in some new business.

unconventional advertising

Promote a Fun Gimmick

Many people dismiss fun ideas because they want people to take them seriously. However, fun is something a lot of buyers hold on to. Consider some type of a contest or raffle. The winner gets to pick out a new scent, choose colors, or appear in your next advertisement. The more fun you make it, the more people are going to remember it.

Focus on the Locals

When your goal is to get new business to come through your door, then you need to focus on your local audience first. This means thinking outside of the computer or mobile device. Go old-school and take out an ad in the newspaper. Consider mailing out tickets, coupons, or promotions of some sort. Remember, the people in your neighborhood are a great place to start, and many of them still have a paper at the end of the driveway each morning!

Find a Cause That Relates to Who You Are

One easy, but often underutilized way of getting your name out there is to find a cause that people will relate to you. It should tie into who you are and what you provide in some way so that it sticks in people’s minds. If your product is a safety product for children, for example, then you should work with a cause that helps educate new parents on infant safety or a similar idea.

Educate People

One of the more obscure ways of getting people to come check you out is by educating them. Show them that you know your stuff and that you have something of value to share. Share facts with them, offer ideas on ways to ease their figurative pain, and make sure they hear what you have to say. Your work is important, but only if the people who need it, know about it.

unconventional advertising

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