Digital signage, which is also known as dynamic signage, is where video or multimedia content is displayed in a public place for information or advertising purposes. This kind of signage is becoming more accepted, and sometimes even expected in today’s society, and is usually through the use of LCD/ LED screens, projection screens and E-Paper. The most common elements typically used in digital signage would be images, videos, web pages, weather, restaurant menus and text.

Most industries typically prefer to use digital signage for advertising compared to print advertising because of the convenience. By using this as a way to advertise, the company can update any part of the advertisement as they need as often as they need. Billboards are becoming popular due to the amount of consumers that can be reached. Companies that will use digital signage in stores like Best Buy and Wal-Mart to influence shoppers to buy more or to buy better. Once the consumer has seen all the bells and whistles a product can offer, the shopper is most willing to buy that product because they can see firsthand what it does.

Here are four ways a company may choose to use digital signage:

digital innovation

The Importance of Being Ahead of the Game

Technological advancement places your company on a higher tier than others. Even more so, think of how much your company could stand out by being ahead of the digital game. People are impressed by technology, but they’re really impressed by innovative technology. Innovative technology goes above and beyond people’s expectations, drawing their eyes and, in turn, their loyalty as customers. They can’t wait to see what you have next!

There are several workspace technologies out currently that can help you stay ahead of the game. We’ll go through each one individually. All of these will help you stand out as an innovative company, and you can get them through Workspace Digital!

digital innovation

Innovative Technology

1. Information

Using digital signage is probably one of the easiest and most eco-friendly ways to share information. We’ve all been to that business that has TVs or digital signs promoting events that are coming up or showing maps. Some are even interactive and allow you to get information that way. This can be very common in malls and things. Airports

2. Advertising

Generating revenue is always a huge part of diving into digital signage. Technology can be expensive, so why spend the money on it if it doesn’t benefit your business? Some companies believe it can benefit their business without using digital signage for advertising, but a lot of companies will dive into digital signage for the ease of advertising capabilities.

This can be anything from a digital ad in the grocery store or even a digital billboard on the side of the road. One of the best examples of digital signage for advertising purposes would be Time Square.

3. Connecting

Digital signage is a great way to connect with people. This can be through showing them your social pages, having something interactive on screen and asking them to share their experience with it on social, but it can also be as simple as a digital sign behind your front desk that welcomes new customers or employees by name or brand. Little things like this can have a huge impact on how your potential business feels about your company.

4. Entertainment

It’s often common for digital signage to be placed in waiting areas to give people something to look at. One study even suggests that “digital signage reduces perceived waiting times at checkout by about 35%.”

5. Decoration

Digital signage can be used as art


6. Menus

You might think this is a cliché. The saying goes, “Bigger is better,” right? Maybe you don’t think this is that important

With so many consumers more likely to see advertisements digitally, companies are finding more and more ways to make this happen, whether in your car, home or while shopping. Advertising digitally can get expensive, but the profit gained can outweigh the cost of one billboard strategically placed on the right street or highway. As time goes by, advertising in print will be a thing of the past as we see digital signage become the future.

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