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One advantage to having our own full service technology integration team in house, is that we have a lot of incredible technology to showcase at BOS.

Let’s start with the reception area, first thing a customer sees is a large display with cloud-based digital signage, and, if we know they’re coming, we can even welcome them with their name or logo.

In this reception area we also have a quick digital check in with Envoy, which alerts the guests host instantly when they are here.

Over in the lounge area we have BOS TV, which is more video signage.

Most of our meetings happen in our Inspire Board room. Here we have an Evoko Liso room scheduler, which is tied into our Outlook 365 calendars. Also in this board room we have more digital signage on the display, but we can use an iPad that’s powered with key digital technology to change between connectivity options like HDMI, VGA, Haworth Workware Wireless and Highfive video conferencing.

Highfive is our video conferencing technology, but it also lets us share our screen, record our meetings and do audio only conferencing calls.

While in the meeting, people can also power up their phones thanks to ChargeSpot Wireless power!

Also in our showroom we have a Mondopad, which is an all in one collaboration tool with video calling, digital white boarding, web browsing, file sharing and much more.

Freespace Sensor Technology can also be found in our showroom on one of our displays. On the display, green dots indicate open places to sit, and on the backend of the system we have administrative insights that gives great insights into the utilization of a space.

Bluescape is a phenomenal tool for listening and collaboration sessions, unique non-linear presentations and so much more.

In another one of our conference rooms, we have another room scheduler by Workscape, a second Highfive setup, Barco Clickshare, and so much more.

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