With a saturated market filled with tons of different types of advertisements, products and services, customers can become overwhelmed when it comes to deciding on the right product or service to purchase. Similarly, businesses tend to get overwhelmed in their attempts to reach the right audience or in persuading consumers to try out their products and/or services. A lot of those obstacles can be overcome by introducing a Key Opinion Leader in a marketing strategy. Key Opinion Leaders are extremely valuable and can become a game changer to a marketing strategy’s success.

Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) also known as online influencers, have a direct influence over a specific audience. KOLs are very talented content creators, through social media or blog posts. KOLs ensure their opinions and comments are communicated to their target demographic. Their content and constant direct communication with their followers have helped them build rapport.

The opinions and comments they might have over a specific product or service serves as word-of-mouth advertising and helps guide consumer buying decisions. On average, 20 – 50 percent of all purchasing decisions are influenced by word-of-mouth advertising. Unlike endorsers, KOLs are perceived as trustworthy and as the authority in their area of expertise. Therefore, their content is highly successful when persuading followers.

Collaborating with a Key Opinion Leader is the right move to a successful marketing strategy. There are three main reasons for collaborating with online influencers.

Obtaining Already Established Fan-Bases

The first reason is, to obtain access to an already created fan base. A KOL has created the right audience that the business needs to reach. Working alongside a KOL will save time in reaching the right target demographic in the right way. An online influencer knows their audience best and what keeps them interested and engaged.

Highly Talented Content Creators

The second reason businesses need to consider introducing a KOL into a marketing strategy is because they are highly talented content creators.  KOLs can create engaging and creative content that a business can then share on different platforms to help the marketing campaign gain momentum which in turn helps products and services gain visibility online. The more visibility a product or service has, the more the chances of a purchase being made. By creating engaging content, the KOL can also keep strengthening its own brand.

Consumers Relate to KOLs more than Businesses

Lastly, businesses need to collaborate with a KOL if they have not done so yet because KOLs are easier to relate to for customers. KOLs are perceived as “real” people with personal opinions and comments on specific products and services. By sharing personal opinions and comments, KOLs can connect with prospective customers at an “intimate and authentic” level more than any mass media. Resulting in people taking what they have to say as more reliable and trustworthy.

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