Podcasting is the newest blogging trend and, thankfully, there’s not much to it. All one needs is an RSS feed and a computer. Depending on your venture is for the podcast, whether it be to make money or do it as a hobby, will determine how much added equipment and other necessities will be needed.

Here are the 5 essential tools you’ll need to get your podcast started:


For headphones, Sennheiser and Sony brand are best. No need to go too expensive. So long as the hosts and guests can be heard clearly, that’s all that matters.


Podcast Essentials Mic

For microphones, it is might be a good idea to start cheap. Not cheap in quality, but cheap in price. If the podcasting isn’t going to work, then it is better to not have spent a lot at first. The same can be said for all equipment, but the microphone will be the most expensive equipment item. You can upgrade your equipment over time to match the success of your podcast.

When talking directly into the microphone, b’s and p’s will sound amplified. This can be avoided by speaking to the side of the mic, rather than directly into it. Another option is to get a pop filter. Pop filters act as a noise protection filter and are specifically designed to reduce popping sounds.


Podcast Essentials Software

For audio editing, Audacity is a free option. For a more sophisticated and pricey option, there is Adobe Audition. The latter software comes with a podcast preset that allows guest tracks, host tracks, and music tracks. This is the most expensive option as it costs 20 dollars a month which can add up to cost the most long-term.

For one-time purchase software, there are other options. However, Audacity is best since the goal here is podcasting and not editing movies, music, or other high tier media. It is also a good idea to have s skype account. It’s free and can be used to record other hosts or guests seamlessly. Plus, it’s easy to set up.

An IDE editor will also be needed. Pa-software allows important information such as the title, track number, and artist in the podcast. It will also allow the album art to appear when people download it.

Streaming Services

Podcast can eat up bandwidth so there are hosting sites like Libsyn for five dollars a month. This is the most popular. Or go with Soundcloud and Blubrry, which can be free but also has paid options. Buzzsprout can also host podcast along with other podcast necessities like design art.


The last thing that is needed for podcasts is proper feedback from listeners. iTunes’ vanity URLs are the most popular option but there are people who don’t use Apple devices so link them to social platforms such Twitter, Facebook or even direct email

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